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I'm 26 from Maryland-VA/DC area. This blog is mainly for automotive (Tuners),spiritual, truth of our reality and my photogrpahy. Also funny stuff, dancing, fashion, housing, science, universe secrets & photography. kinks....oh wait, did that sound too pervish? If you know you can't handle it please UNFOLLOW. Feel free to hit me about anything I'll respond back.

    "The elders have sent me to tell you that now is like a rushing river, and this will be experienced in many different ways. There are those who would hold onto the shore… there is no shore. The shore is crumbling. Push off into the middle of the river. Keep your head above the water, look around to see who else is in the river with you, and celebrate."
    Choquash - a Native American storyteller (via thesedarkcorners)
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